What does the "o" and the "k" stand for in the word "O.K."?

Originally published Monday November, 7th 2005

what does the “o” and the “k” stand for in the word “O.K.” This causes me to lose sleep at night. Please help.

Enn ohh

Dear Enn ohh,

Your work is magnificent.

Now for the juicy stuff, many years ago, when you were a twinkle in your grandfathers eye, a man by the name of Oliver Kite was making his way through the country, stirring up controversy at every stop. The nation was in the middle of a verbal fire fight. An Imaginary line was drawn between two Redtape Parties, the Ottacons and the Klondikians. That line was the seperation of two completely different beliefs. At the time, a national problem was sweeping its people into conversational turmoil. These two sects, desired to provide the country with the Uniform Code of Affirmation; designed to curb the occurence of awkward moments in conversation, when they are in fact over. The Ottacons were favored to succeed for their submission, “Paper or Plastic?”, contended by “Your hair is on fire!” by, rivals. Klondikians.

Just when the feud seemed to have no end and the nations solution laying between two horrible expressions, we find our hero Oliver Kite spreading the word of an underground revolution pushing his own expression, “Okie Dokie”. Gaining popularity from within the masses, “Okie Dokie” made its way to everyones vocabulary and solved the national disaster, leaving the Redtape Parties in a cranky, militant mood.

As time passed, the UAC was affectionately called The Oliver Kite Uniform Code of Affirmation. Later shortened to “The Oliver” or “O.K.”, the code provided all who use it, the power to end a conversation early, disrsuade your parents from bothering you, or agree to a request on the Internet.

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