The Shirts


The Axis of Stevil was founded in January of 2005, by Steven Maguire and Graham Hensley, as an Internet T-shirt site. An initial batch of one hundred shirts, divided between four modern designs and colors, were screen printed manually at the hands of Steven and Graham. Through online and “out of the back of car trunks” sales, this initial batch sold out within the first two weeks. To meet demand, a second batch called “The Axis SE”, a special limited edition green series of shirts, were printed. This line of shirts has sold remarkably well. The Axis of Stevil later narrowed down its design ideas to produce its third line of T-shirts in the summer of 2005.


All of the shirts were tagged with a single color stencil of the iconic first logo for The Axis of Stevil.

the Axis of Stevil

Innaugural Collection

Innaugural Collection

As quoted from the website, circa January, 2005:

Shirts are HERE! The time has come, you may now purchase some quality AXIS OF STEVIL t-shirts. They are available in four styles, three sizes (medium, large, x-large). If you are interested in buying one (HIGHLY ADVISED!) then fill out this simple form below with size and quantity of each design you would like to purchase. These shirts are only $8 EACH! GET YOURS NOW!

This first batch of “vintage” t-shirts featured the likenesses of members and friends of Steven and Graham (Martin, Coutrney, Bethany, Steven and the Dodo bird [RIP]) to preserve the spirit of their friendship.

Instant Rockstar

This design featured Courtney and Bethany in familiar form; rocking threads and belting tunes. The shirt instructed its viewers on how to ascend to that level of rock by “just adding beer”.


Hhighlighting the post-incident summation of a scene in which Martin played party to a horrific golf cart accident, our hero appears to have zero fucks to offer and would simply suggest that you do not engage your mental faculties to process the event.

All DoDo’s Go To Heaven

The Axis of Stevil has always supported development of “alternate endings” (read: conspiracy theories) and this is not different. It offers a second thought about the extinction of the dodo bird, suggesting that a guillotine and a conquestador may have been involved.


This showcased what became a signature image for the lifeline of The Axis of Stevil. The image depicts Steven in a guevara-esque pose and style.

Axis: Special Edition

Axis: Special Edition

As quoted from the website, circa March, 2005:

Special Edition Shirts are HERE! The time has come, for you to step up to this once in a lifetime opportunity to order one of Axis of Stevil’s Special Edition Vintage Green T-shirts. They are available in four styles, three sizes (medium, large, x-large). If you are interested in buying one (HIGHLY ADVISED!) then fill out this simple form below with size and quantity of each design you would like to purchase. These shirts are only $8 EACH! GET YOURS NOW!

Due to the popularity of the first batch of shirts, The Axis of Stevil decided to return to Wilmington for a special printing of the classic designs. This special run was printed on the same color short for all designs to identify the collection amongst their wearers.

Summer Line

Summer Line

As quoted from the website, circa May, 2005:

The Inner Fat Kid

Every human being possesses within them an Inner Fat Kid. This plumpy inner child is the force that compels you to deep fry your Thanksgiving dinner, or keep a cake by your bedside. The Axis of Stevil offers this shirt to all the beach goers, couch potatoes and computer users alike who have come to terms with who they are.

Good to the Last Drop

Some would say Frosty the Snowman is a terrorist, others would say he is a hero. Either way he was burned alive to make drinking water for a Sudanese Barber college. Support the Axis of Stevil by wearing his demise. This light-hearted Stevil shirt embodies the spirit and humor within the Axis of Stevil and lampoons the useless icon of the consumer driven Christmas holiday. Wear it proudly. When a bypasser stops to compliment you, you can tell them “I’m with Stevil, and they are good to the last drop!

1989 Merecat Volleyball Open

The city of San Bernardino is still struggling to recover from what witness recall as “The most intense and captivating volleyball tournament ever”. The city recorded a whopping 17,500 people in attendance on the beach that day. As Kilgore Von Rashgart and his team of Soviet merecats challenged Brad Goodcat and his rag tag underdog team of local merecats. Brad and “The Parrieonnas” defeated Rashgart and the “Sickle Cats” 7 to 6 in double secret overtime. This amazing feat was the first link to brake in the iron current. Within the next two weeks after the tournament the Berlin wall fell.


Since their introduction, these shirts received an outpouring of public support and demand. With a heavy concentration in and around Greenville, NC near their release the shirts were a clear way to communicate that you supported The Axis of Stevil and as a way to let others know you were DTF (down to friend).

Seen Around the World

As the years wore on, so did the shirts and the lives of those who wore them. Sightings of the shirts were reported from across the country and in a variety of settings.

The Quilt

Although the time since their initial impact has grown and the physical material the shirts has degraded, Graham still found a way to preserve the world’s largest collection of Stevil shirts in the form of a custom quilt:

The quilt was revealed during a secret gathering of some of The Axis of Stevils most private supporters.