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Originally published Wednesday May, 3rd 2006


In 1997 The Axis of Stevil took possession of 64x128x64 foot general steel building. The building was received as a gift at the estate auction of James Stevemognoliyum. A long time Stevilzation patriot, James was famous for coining the phrase “Gotta Stevilize it!” He built an empire selling shirts emblazoned with his face and catch phrase. With his passing at the age of ninety-two his vast collection of warehouses and storage spaces across the U.S. where put up for bid in a series of public auctions. The honorary lot of buildings has been entrusted to the local brotherhoods of the various districts where they proudly serve as meeting halls and gathering points of Steves and Steve supporters.

In Stevemognoliyum’s hometown of East Shore, Nebraska, one building in particular has become a popular attraction. This very building holds the nationally acclaimed meeting hall where James, himself, had presided as Chief Steve.

Having no immediate need for the t-shirt warehouse, the elective body of the brotherhood decided its fate. Since the building was surplus, the brotherhood decided that it should be turned into a memorial facility in the names of James Stevemognoliyum. This building served as a fitting tribute to the man who defined a generation of Steves. The building was devoted to playing his favorite game, Limbo.

However, the notion of a 24-hour limbo parlor was daunting. There were several methods and styles of play that could be rotated daily to provide fresh game play to regulars and exciting challenges to visiting limbo artists. However after three months of operation, the building closed due to the staggering upkeep expenses of nearly a quarter of a million in just one month. Nightly samba bands and seven course buffets were mostly to blame for the expense.

To find a long-term, cost-conscious solution for managing the people’s desire to contort their back into many subtle slopes of nature, The Axis of Stevil held a cost-friendly limbo game design contest and trade show for many game and entertainment companies. The winning idea came from a Japanese firm based out of Okido, called Steven-San. Their idea came of revolutionary design. Limbo Limbo Revolution is an eight-foot circular walking path with a standard sized arcade cabinet in its center. Two rods extend out from the case, one on each side, affixed to a smooth floating hinge on a metal guidepost that is used to measure contact. With two tokens, the machine will play some of Latin’s hottest numbers remixed for an extreme limbo challenge. As the game starts, the arcade box raises and lowers the poles with the music. Players must walk the track, in a direction chosen by the game, either clockwise or counter-clockwise. If hit by a raising or lowering bar you are out. A large buzzer sounds when contact is made so that all players are aware of an ejection. A player must always limbo under a bar; no rolling or crawling is permitted as it is considered in poor form in any limbo event.

The Axis of Stevil released Limbo-Limbo Revolution May 25th 1999, at the grand re-opening of the James Stevemognoliyum Limbo Parlor. Due to its large size and heavy freight fee, the game is currently only available for play at this one limbo facility and with seven traveling fairs. The game has surpassed sales expectations and has become a popular tourist destination for a quiet Nebraskan town.

Contributors: Stevil (Featured image), Stevil (Copywriting), Graham (Copywriting)

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